MOBI has worked closely with the European Copper Institute to develop a new and unique online Passenger Car TCO Calculator Tool. Its goal is to help policy makers and consumer organisations make a fair comparison between combustion and electric vehicles in order to enable the design of incentive schemes for market uptake. The tool will be updated regularly to take into account new information.

This easy-to-use tool allows a simulation of the total cost of owning a vehicle during a specified period of time, including the purchase cost and usage cost. It requires just four simple steps:

  • Select vehicle class: City, medium or premium
  • Choose one car in at least two of the six categories: Diesel, petrol, compressed natural gas, hybrid electric, battery electric or plug-in hybrid electric.
  • Indicate the anticipated annual mileage.
  • Indicate the total years of ownership.

The results are immediately displayed in a clear and colourful graph. It shows the TCO of each selected vehicle, broken down where relevant into registration tax, road tax, insurance, maintenance, fuel, depreciation and subsidy. The graph also displays cost per km for each vehicle selected.

The effect of different fuel prices on the TCO is easily seen by moving the fuel price sliders. It is also possible to select the policy measure to be applied: the fuel-taxation based policy of Scandinavia, the incentive-based policy of Western Europe, or the moderate policy of Southern Europe.