Case medium segment

The driver owns his vehicle for a period of 10 years and drives on average 20000 km per year. The assumed petrol and diesel prices are respectively €1.465/l and €1.333/l, for CNG the assumed price is €0.82/kg and the assumed electricity price is €0.27/kWh.
The Western Europe and Scandinavian policy packages are compared.

In the medium segment, the most technologies are on quasi parity. The different vehicles have a TCO of €0.21 /km, except for the CNG Skoda Octavia (€0.20 /km) and the plug-in hybrid BMW i3 (€0.27 /km). The subsidy that is granted in the Western European policy package helps the Nissan Leaf for being competitive with the other vehicle technologies, whereas the fuel consumption cost of the Nissan Pulsar is almost as big as its depreciation and has a negative impact on its TCO.

In the Scandinavian case, the Nissan Leaf stays at a TCO of €0.21/km when the TCO of the other technologies increases to €0.24/km for the diesel Volkswagen Golf, the hybrid Toyota Auris and the CNG Skoda Octavia, to €0.25 for the petrol Nissan Pulsar and to €0.29/km for the plug-in hybrid BMW i3. The higher registration and road taxes influence the result positively for the electric vehicle in the Scandinavian case due to the tax benefits of this technology.